This is a Voluntary service, we all are offering to each other. Please abide by some rules so as to make this system sustainable.

Guidelines for Users:

  1. Collect the book from the Owner by coordinating with him over phone/e-mail
  2. The book must be returned in good condition
  3. If book is lost/stolen, you are supposed to buy a new one and return the book
  4. Please adhere to the duration you have mentioned during request
  5. Say Thank You to the Book owner by leaving a comment in the Book’s post
  6. Spread information about this blog to your colleagues at Plant/Guest House

Guidelines for Book Owners:

  1. The books being offered by you is completely voluntarily
  2. This website does not take any responsibility of books you are offering. Upon occurrence of issues, the user may be banned from putting further requests
  3. Upon receiving any mail related to a book you are offering, it is your responsibility to contact the user requesting for it
  4. If the book is handed over to someone, please Comment on the post and mention the name of person who holds the book for a particular period
  5. Since the blog is open to everyone, you may get random requests from other people. Pls ignore such instances

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